Physiotherapist - Leo WanLeo Wan, Physiotherapist has had many clients come in to the NTO Wellness and Rehab Centre with the all too common sprained ankle, especially over the summer and fall seasons where people have been getting outside and active outdoors more frequently.  He has put together a couple of videos that explain Ankle Sprains, the types, symptoms and remedial treatments that can be performed as part of your own home self treatments in order to help you recover and rehabilitate appropriately for your body.

A sprained ankle is a very common injury that can effect anyone when performing simple day-to-day activities like walking to the grocery store, running to catch a bus as well as playing physical sports such as soccer, tennis and/or basketball.

All it takes is a person to casually walk on the sidewalk and suddenly hit some uneven ground without looking resulting in what has been commonly termed “an ankle roll”.  Or in another scenario when doing intense and physical active sports a momentarily lapse of concentration on foot placement after a jump or speed burst could prove costly and result in a sprained ankle injury.

The severity of the ankle roll, strain or sprain is determined based on the intensity of the roll resulting in the imbalance, the angle of the roll, as well as the force/impact or speed in which one rolled the ankle.

In most cases the soft tissue, ligaments and muscle may have been impacted resulting in the need for manual therapy and physiotherapy in the recovery process – this is where NTO Wellness and Rehab Centre can assist in your rehabilitation and recovery process.  However it is important to note that in some cases an ankle roll could be so severe that you are unable to walk on it immediately after the incident, in this case, you may have fractured a bone and require an X-ray to confirm the bone fracture or break – please seek emergency assistance from your medical practitioner or go to the nearest ER to prevent further injury.