North Toronto Wellness & Rehab Centre (NTO Rehab) has recently introduced Naturopathy as one of its core services!  Ask our staff about this new service and how it can be integrated into your treatment plan or rehab program.

Now you can receive another paramedical service as part of the multi-disciplinary set of services available for your optimal healthy active lifestyle or as part of your recovery and rehab program.

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine brings together a mixture of alternative and holistic scientific methods that are typically non-invasive and promote the ability for the vital energy or life force in the body to self-heal through physical, emotional, metaphysical and mental wellness practices.


Meet Dr. Carole Cheung, Naturopath

Dr. Carole Cheung supports her patients with empathy and actively listens to understand their health concerns. She promotes healthy independent living by providing patients with long-term solutions that are natural and that carry fewer side-effects. She uses up-to- date research to ensure that what is prescribed is not contraindicated with medications and/or other supplements or herbal remedies her patients are concurrently taking.

She also applies a “non-band- aid” solution and investigates her patients’ health history to identify and remove obstacles that may hinder their health goals. Since childhood, Dr. Carole continues to be passionate about health and the environment. She has a dual degree in Biology and Psychology, from Queen’s University, and worked as a biologist, before she pursued a career in naturopathic medicine.

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At NTO Wellness and Rehab, Naturopathy is used to assess one’s medical history, review the cause and effects and to progressively evolve a patient’s treatment plan or rehab program based on their history, rate of recovery, body’s response and self healing progress.  NTO Rehab plans to get to the underlying cause of a pain, ache or dysfunction so a long term resolution is more priority than a quick-fix solution when it comes to Naturopathic medicine at our clinic.