North Toronto Wellness and Rehab Centre (NTO Rehab) offers Chiropractic services as one of its premium core services because it is a natural, safe way to heal the body from stiffness and soreness, as well as a variety of other symptoms; headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, numbness, stomach disorders, spastic colon and arm, hand and leg pain that’s due to dysfunction of the neck and lower back.

It is also highly effective with neurological conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs and whiplash.

Dr James Haase (chiropractor)Meet Dr James Haase, Chiropractor

Dr. James A. Haase brings a seasoned 35 years of Chiropractic experience to the NTO Wellness and Rehab Centre and has been treating patients of all ages including WSIB claimants and those involved in automobile accidents.Dr. James A. Haase graduated from University of Toronto with a B. Sc. in Biology in 1972, and graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College with D.C. Honour in 1979.

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All patient are given corrective exercises, taught how to help themselves and manage stress in order to recover as quickly as possible.

Your road to recovery will be achieved by a team effort between you and Dr. Haase , he’s role is to help remove what is interfering with your body’s inborn ability to heal itself and to teach you how to help yourself .

Chiropractic care is safe, effective and generally painless.

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