Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

With NTO Wellness and Rehab Centre (NTO Rehab) offering multidisciplinary health and medical professional services puts us in a great position to provide a team approach to your particular rehabilitation program.  When it comes to your MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) rehabilitation program it is critical that you have the right team of doctors and therapists at hand to assess your situation so that the best service and treatment plan can be custom-made to your body.

The most common injury resulting from an automobile accident is whiplash, occurring from the sudden acceleration (or deceleration) of the head and neck during collisions.

As result, patients generally will have complains of neck pain, stiffness, headache, lower back and so on. Sometimes the symptoms do not appear until few days after the accident; most patients will experience mild symptoms and gradually improves over time.  However, for some people, the recovery process can be extremely slow and painful.

Common Car Accident Injuries

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Brain and Head Injuries
  • Back and Neck Injuries

What NTO Wellness and Rehab Centre offers you?

A team of Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist and Athletic therapist can offer comprehensive & customized treatment plan for individuals who suffer from car accident.  When the patient is presented at the clinic, a comprehensive initial assessment and complete physical examination will be conducted by either the chiropractic doctor or physiotherapist, then we co-ordinate treatment with our doctors and therapists.

Each treatment plan is carefully designed by combining several treatments to assist patients in returning to a full and productive pre-injury condition as soon as possible.

These treatments can include one or more of the following therapy techniques such as:

  • Massage Therapy can be a great relief of muscle aches caused by motor vehicle accidents.
  • Passive joint mobilization can reduce pain through gentle, repetitive movements of the joints in the neck region.
  • Strengthening and conditioning programs designed to make sure that patients will remain active after their accident, to prevent pain due to stiffness.
  • Medical Acupuncture can help to reduce the symptoms that are associated with motor vehicle accidents.
  • Electrical modalities such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Interferential Current (IFC) and Ultrasound helps patients return to their normal daily activities by decreasing pain and tissue inflammation.
  • Education: most importantly, our specialists will not only treat patient, but also raise awareness for the patient and educate them with respect to the nature of injury and soft tissue healing process. This allows the patient to fully participate in the rehabilitation process.

In Ontario, according to The Insurance Act, cost for medical rehabilitation care due to car accident will be covered by insurance company either through Auto Insurance or Extended Health Care Insurance if applicable. At NTO Wellness & Rehab Centre, our experienced administration team will assist patients and offer services in direct billing and handling complicated paper work through insurance company.

Completion of insurance forms:

  • OCF 1
  • OCF 3
  • OCF 18
  • OCF 23, 24

NTO Wellness and Rehab Centre is also in partnership with group of specialists offer additional services for car accident victims:

  • Home Site Assessment
  • Job Site Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment and Driver re-integration
  • Attendant Care Assessment
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Work Conditioning/Hardening Programs

Our clinic is officially licensed under the FSCO to be a direct billing clinic for MVA Clients.