Patient Resources

Being a multidisciplinary clinic enables North Toronto Wellness and Rehab Centre to provide the best in patient care and attention that you deserve, and also with our strategic  team approach to your health and wellness.  We are flexible in accommodating your need throughout your treatment plan, whether you require a couple of treatment sessions with each of our staff:  Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or RMT across the course of your comprehensive treatment plan.  We can establish the best treatment plan based on your preferences, your body’s ability to heal and your overall health progress.

North Toronto Wellness and Rehab Centre likes to empower our clients with the ability to attain sustained health and wellness through the use of patient education, health tips, active lifestyle blogs and video clip posts that help you achieve optimal health in your day-to-day life.  Stay in the loop on all the latest health and wellness, NTO Wellness and Rehab news, premium health services, rehabilitation programs and more by checking back on all the Patient Resources we offer that include:


Patient Education