Dr. Carole Cheung, Naturopath

Dr. Carole Cheung supports her patients with empathy and actively listens to understand their health concerns. She promotes healthy independent living by providing patients with long-term solutions that are natural and that carry fewer side-effects. She uses up-to- date research to ensure that what is prescribed is not contraindicated with medications and/or other supplements or herbal remedies her patients are concurrently taking.

She also applies a “non-band- aid” solution and investigates her patients’ health history to identify and remove obstacles that may hinder their health goals. Since childhood, Dr. Carole continues to be passionate about health and the environment. She has a dual degree in Biology and Psychology, from Queen’s University, and worked as a biologist, before she pursued a career in naturopathic medicine. Currently, she is a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario in good standing, and has volunteered for a medical brigade in Haiti and for the Cancer Association in Seychelles. She is also a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND).

Dr. Carole has experience working with patients who want to focus on the underlying causes of chronic illness.  Her practice focuses on healthy weight loss and detoxification, pain and stress management, using cupping, nutritional counselling, botanical medicine and acupuncture.

Dr. Carole is fluent in both French and Haitian/Mauritian Creole languages.